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Seekers Harbor was monumental in the journey I embarked on in my early adulthood. This was the time when I needed support the most. You provided the platform to see God in another light. A way of seeing Him without fear of Judgment. Having the small group to engage with, brought me closer to God. This really was a time when I was ready to walk away.

Thank You.

Even to this day I truly appreciate you all. 


“I struggled for decades to reconcile with Christianity ideas - only when we watched some progressive DVDs was I finally able to discard old, inaccurate ideas which new Bible scholarship has disproven - & it was a huge relief.


I still hold unusual spiritual beliefs & perceptions & I have the freedom in the group to speak them without judgement or expectation of agreement –the group lets me voice my ideas safely & in safe space. I enjoy discovering updated research for lay people on Bible topics - which does not involve dogma.   


“Following Jesus is tough at times. I found myself making hard choices as far as the people Jesus wanted me to hang with - and while we loved our former church we found God calling us a different direction. Becky and Doug are a gift from God for people who are in exile either from their own situation or because the mainstream church sees them as lesser because of their sexual orientation, mental illness, or other reasons. We were seeking a fellowship that was open to “all” as Jesus is. I was burned out and Seeker’s Harbor gave the refuge I needed. It comforts me knowing they are still loving people where they are without an agenda to change of fix them – but to let Jesus love them. While I have moved out of state we still hold Seeker’s Harbor in our hearts.


I appreciate being welcomed and celebrated for who I am. I was attending another church and when they found out I was gay, they didn’t want me to participate any more. They had a meeting and pronounced me unfit for leadership. I’m happy to have found a community of faith that doesn’t treat me as a mistake.


The group has accommodated attendees' needs at gatherings & has always shown flexibility, caring, confidentiality, and consideration.  I have been able to be clear about what I need, & what I can & cannot participate in, & the group always takes it in stride.”

I like socializing with people at the gatherings.


I appreciate being able to discuss topics freely.


I enjoy the content of gatherings.


I’m so pleased that LGBTQ and other marginalized folks who are often rejected by church, are welcomed and celebrated in this group.


I appreciate a group that shares progressive thought.


I’ve learned a lot from DVD's we’ve watched and discussion.


Meeting new people is great!


I like learning about needs in my community.


I like being able to help with the great causes we support.


I enjoy making connections.


Conversations and topics are relevant in my life.


There is a lot of support for interests & individual ways of looking at things.


There aren’t a lot of rules and regulations.


With regard to the Bible and spirituality, there is no expectation that we’re all the same.


Most of the people I know who claim to be atheists, are not really atheists…they’re not distressed with God, but church.


I feel accepted. 


All people are welcomed and treated with respect.


I’m glad that we focus on connecting faith and life.


Stories from people Seekers Harbor has helped
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