A Prayer

God of the great and the small, you hold all in your care.

We pray safety for Ukraine’s people; generosity from those rendering aid;

and comfort for countless families separated and terrified.


Christ of compassion and peace, your love never fails, never runs out, never wanes.

We pray with deep gratitude for those

who put hands and feet and faces to your goodness.


Spirit of mercy and justice, may your wisdom prevail.

We pray for clarity and discernment, with desperate words but also with great confidence,

that your true shalom might reach every corner it has yet to find.


Spirit of abiding hope, Christ of expansive welcome, God of outrageous love, 

We are yours. 

In your mercy, 

hear our prayers.

And may we put those prayers to work. 


Seeker's Harbor partners with AIDSpirit, RiverStone Health and 1st Congregational UCC on this pantry for HIV+ and affected folks in our area.

Our support of the pride parade in Billings 


 Our 2021 outreach & mission impact we’re small,

but we make a BIG impact 


2021 successes & mission impact (Through your generosity - your joyful response to God’s generosity to you! We made a difference in the lives of others)

*although most in-person gatherings are still on hold due to covid concerns, we held two outdoor picnics at Angela’s Piazza, two Labyrinth experiences, a Birth Certificate Burning Celebration and a House Blessing event

*we had a table at the 406 Pride event at North Park for community outreach

*we provided gas cards to help with transportation needs

*we provided grocery cards

*we provided transportation to/from medical appointments

*we provided assistance with moving for two families

*we helped indigenous women and families, through our contribution to Angela’s Piazza and their programs

*we shopped for and delivered pantry items monthly to Mary V’s Cupboard (an outreach to HIV+ & affected folks), as part of our partnership with AIDSpirit, RiverStone Health & First Congregational Church

* we collected and distributed socks during our Socktober drive– to homeless & in need folks through St Vincent de Paul


*through the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we made gifts to support justice work, victims of natural disasters, refugees in crisis, those addressing climate change and new churches, as well as to support and sustain education and leadership development

*we participated in several AIDSpirit meetings

*we participated in a Billings Sanctuary Rising meeting

*we participated in the Virtual Regional Assembly

*we participated in the Region’s 2nd Saturday to Shine virtual events


These are some of the wonderful things your giving makes possible! God is faithful and provides abundantly, so that we can help those in need and reach out with love!

In person gatherings are postponed due to Covid till it's safe to continue.


Would you like to invite friends to share a meal and real, honest, conversation about things that matter? Do you feel inspired to reach out to folks in your area and create safe, supportive community? The Seeker's Harbor model is easy to use, and we'll support you in every way, helping you make a difference in people’s lives!


There are some very easy steps to getting started:


  • If you’re not participating in a Seeker’s Harbor gathering yet, give us a call at 406.661.1584 to get connected!

  • Attend a sample gathering, so you can “get a feel” for our Seeker’s Harbor style of community.

  • Attend a Team Retreat and Facilitator Training to learn some skills and get comfortable holding safe space.

We’ll provide a model format, resources, relevant, progressive study materials and ideas… everything you need to begin enjoying genuine community with your small group!  And ongoing support through retreats, coaching, peer support and training opportunities.  

Our Circle Principles

Listed below are our "Circle Principles," which we read together as we begin our gatherings. These guidelines help us maintain our focus and spirit of communion.

Our intention is to provide safe space for deep spiritual conversations.
It’s important to define what safe space is and talk about parameters….
Each Seeker’s Harbor group has Circle Principles that guide our time together –


Listen with compassion; without an agenda.


Listen for wisdom as it comes through each person.
No one has all the answers; we’re on this journey together.


Speak from your heart & experience; saying what is true for you.
Speak one at a time so everyone can be heard.


Invite silence & reflection when needed.
Listen to inner guidance before speaking.


Practice self-respect & self-restraint. This way, our
contribution adds to the positive experience of all in the Circle.


Be sensitive to the groups’ needs.
Sharing is encouraged – one voice should not dominate.


Keep the confidence of the Circle. What is shared in the Circle, stays
in the Circle to make this safe space for everyone.


Copyright Becky Taylor, Seeker’s Harbor Faith Community