Mosaic – art consisting of a design made of small pieces.


Together, we make the whole picture – no one piece is more important than another. Individual pieces, each with a beauty and identity of their own . . . Not all the same, but all connected.

Our Vision – To be open, nurturing, Christian communities of faith welcoming seekers and embracing those who are hurting by providing safe spiritual small groups.

Our Mission – To be a mosaic of communities that strengthen and encourage leaders - renewing hope in the promise of God’s love and promotes the welcome and celebration of all people as special children of God; empowering people to make a difference in the lives of others through loving relationships.

Our intention is to provide safe space for deep spiritual conversations. We believe it’s important to define what safe space is and talk about parameters. Seeker’s Harbor groups use Circle Principles, which are read at the beginning of each gathering to guide our time together.


We are intentional about welcoming, celebrating and empowering all people as children of God. Our welcome knows no boundaries of race, ethnicity, abilities, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status.

In The Beginning . . . 

We began to ask questions about church.


Where should we direct our focus? What really matters to God?


Which of our gazillion tasks make a difference in the world, to those God loves?

We began to reassess church and imagined a community where people engaged in prayer and conversation about what really mattered to God and then focused on those things.


What would it look like if we stopped being concerned about building maintenance, music styles, accepted dress codes, board meetings,and programs? Could we focus, in prayerful community, on God’s priorities?


What would that look like?

Two of us from the core group attended new church planter training to be prepared for and supportive of the person God would send to plant this new church. By the end of the week we realized that we were the ones that God was calling to create this new thing!