There are many ways that Seeker's Harbor gets involved in our community and beyond.

A few of the many projects we have been involved in are:

  • Creating health kits, school supplies, household items and clean up buckets for those in need and those who’ve experienced natural disasters.

  • Helping make the camp experience possible for kids, by providing scholarships, counselors, and transportation.

  • Providing progressive, inclusive study materials for a group of HIV+ men and women seeking to re-establish connection to church, while working to overcome serious health issues, stigma, and discrimination.

  • Through Billings Sanctuary Rising, we write letters to the editor, provide accompaniment, and prayer support for immigrant families in Billings and the surrounding area.

Through the generosity of our neighbors and friends, these and other projects are possible. Because we do not have a building or other overhead expenses, our donor dollars go towards these and other valuable services. Your tax-deductible contributions will do the most good in the places that have the most needs!


You can safely donate online via PayPal!