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Seeker's Harbor Faith Community

Billings Pride Parade

Seeker's Harbor Faith Community is a network of small groups who focus on reaching out to those alienated from church, creating safe space and journeying together. We encourage, equip, and empower individuals to discover and share their unique ministry in their communities and beyond. 

To join our gatherings follow the respective links






Gathering Schedule

Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Gatherings

5:30pm - 6:30pm 

In person at Angela's Piazza

420 Grand Avenue, Billings, MT

and on zoom

Dinner is included

May 7th - Gathering

May 14th - Gathering 

May 21st - No Gathering (Work Weekend at

Cane Ridge West Conference & Retreat Center)

May 28th - No Gathering (Memorial Day weekend)

June 4th - Gathering

June 11th - Gathering

Thursday Gatherings

The Neuroscience of Everyday Life
Thursday Gatherings 5:30pm
Join us on zoom
 (or in person
at Doug & Becky's home-no dinne

Thursday gatherings


May 4th - zoom gathering

May 11th - zoom gathering

May 18th - zoom gathering

May 25th - zoom gathering


June 1st - zoom gathering

June 8th - zoom gathering

June 15th - zoom gathering

June 22nd - zoom gathering

June 29th - zoom gathering

Sunrise over Harbor

   A harbor is a place of protection, a stopping point to unload cargo, a spot to refuel. A safe place to refresh. In our communities you can refuel, reorient, restock, take on what you need.
  We support and encourage you along your path.

  •      Seeker's Harbor Faith Community is an open and affirming spiritual ministry where seekers are mutually empowered to embark on our own spiritual journeys.

  •      Gatherings are small groups of up to ten people who gather in a casual setting - homes or public spaces. We don't have a building - we believe the "church" is people! Participants share a meal and conversation around a subject or shared interest, relating to their spiritual journey. We encourage each individual to share their authentic self, their story and experiences, in this safe, welcoming environment.

  •      We encourage questions and dialogue – most people feel comfortable asking questions and participating in a small group setting. We grapple with our own theological questions in community. The experience of God in our own lives and in community is more important than the words we use to describe that experience.

  •      We're part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), but we welcome people from a wide range of theological perspectives. As Disciples of Christ, we affirm the teachings of Christ, but we don’t require everyone to accept them. We rely on testimonies, not tests of faith, and we affirm individual faith journeys.

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