Seeker's Harbor Faith Community is a network of small groups who focus on reaching out to those alienated from church, creating safe space and journeying together. We encourage, equip, and empower individuals to discover and share their unique ministry in their communities and beyond. Our groups have been gathering via zoom. We've had some "open air", distanced events - picnics, Longest Night Labyrinth Experience, a House Blessing, a Birth Certificate Burning Celebration(for a transgender woman) and our "Create" group met outside. 

We've helped local, homeless families get into stable housing, collected and distributed socks (for Sock-tober) and winterwear to the homeless in Billings. 

We've really missed gathering in person, sharing meals and hugging...but we are grateful that we're able to connect online! And, while some folks don't have access to the technology to participate, meeting online has increased our ability to stay connected with folks far away, including one participant who joins us from her new home in Panama! 

Thank you for your prayers as we forge ahead on this journey!

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Gathering Schedule


Tending to the Sacred

What if every moment were a portal to the sacred? A pathway to accessing the deep wells of wisdom within you?

Join us for our new series, Tending to the Sacred, beginning Sunday, October 2nd at 5:30pm

In person at Angela’s Piazza - 420 Grand Ave. in Billings

Or on zoom



September 2022

9/4/22 – no gathering

9/11/22 -  5:30pm Gathering - in person at                         Angela’s Piazza & on zoom: “Your                       Elusive, Creative Genius” (Ted Talk by                 Elizabeth Gilbert)

9/16-18 BRAVE! Women’s Retreat at                            CRWCRC

9/18/22 – no gathering

9/25/22 – 5:30pm Gathering – in person at                         Angela’s Piazza & on zoom


October 2022

10/2/22 – 5:30pm Gathering – in person at                         Angela’s Piazza & on zoom

               New Series, Tending to the Sacred,                     begins

10/9/22 - 5:30pm Gathering: Connecting to the                  Elements - …all life is connected in a                  beautiful web of creation.

10/16/22 5:30pm Gathering: Altars - Remember                to breathe. Your sacred breath creates                the most space of all.

10/23/22 5:30pm Gathering: Open to Love - Our                hearts are our gifts and their potential                is beyond logical understanding.

10/30/22 5:30pm Gathering: Removing Limiting                Beliefs - What we believe is what we                  create and witness in our lives.

November 2022

11/6/22 5:30 Gathering

11/13/22 – no gathering

11/20/22 – Transgender Day of Remembrance

11/27/22 – no gathering

December 2022

12/4/22 5:30 Gathering

12/11/22 5:30 Gathering

12/18/22 – no gathering

12/25/22 -  no gathering




September 2022

9/1/22  No Gathering

9/8/22 5:30pm Resuming our Thursday series. 

-Neurons and Synapses

9/15/22  5:30pm Gathering

-Neurotransmitters and Drugs

9/22/22  5:30pm Gathering

-Juicing the Brain

9/29/22  5:30pm Gathering   

 -Coming to Your Senses


October 2022 

10/6/22  5:30pm Gathering

-Perception and Your Brain's Little Lies

10/13/22  5:30pm Gathering

-Pain—All in Your Head?

10/20/22  5:30pm Gathering

-Decisions—Your Brain's Secret Ballot

10/27/22  5:30pm Gathering

-Reward, Adaptation, and Addiction

November 2022 

11/3/22  5:30pm Gathering

-The Many Forms of Memory

11/10/22  5:30pm Gathering

-Quirks of Memory

11/17/22  5:30pm Gathering

-Learning, Studying, and Sleep

11/24/22  No Gathering


December 2022 

12/1/22  No Gathering

12/8/22  5:30pm Gathering

-Willpower and Mental Work

12/15/22  5:30pm Gathering

-Work, Play, and Stress

12/22/22  No Gathering

12/29/22  5:30pm Gathering

-Biological Timekeepers and Jet Lag


   A harbor is a place of protection, a stopping point to unload cargo, a spot to refuel. A safe place to refresh. In our communities you can refuel, reorient, restock, take on what you need.
  We support and encourage you along your path.

  •      Seeker's Harbor Faith Community is a spiritual ministry where seekers are mutually empowered to embark on our own spiritual journeys.

  •      Gatherings are small groups of up to ten people who gather in a casual setting - homes or public spaces. We don't have a building - we believe the "church" is people! Participants share a meal and conversation around a subject or shared interest, relating to their spiritual journey. We encourage each individual to share their authentic self, their story and experiences, in this safe, welcoming environment.

  •      We encourage questions and dialogue – most people feel comfortable asking questions and participating in a small group setting. We grapple with our own theological questions in community. The experience of God in our own lives and in community is more important than the words we use to describe that experience.

  •      We're part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), but we welcome people from a wide range of theological perspectives. As Disciples of Christ, we affirm the teachings of Christ, but we don’t require everyone to accept them. We rely on testimonies, not tests of faith, and we affirm individual faith journeys.