Would you like to invite friends to share a meal and real, honest, conversation about things that matter? Do you feel inspired to reach out to folks in your area and create safe, supportive community? The Seeker's Harbor model is easy to use, and we'll support you in every way, helping you make a difference in people’s lives!

There are some very easy steps to getting started:


  • If you’re not participating in a Seeker’s Harbor gathering yet, give us a call at 406.661.1584 to get connected!

  • Attend a sample gathering, so you can “get a feel” for our Seeker’s Harbor style of community.

  • Attend a Team Retreat and Facilitator Training to learn some skills and get comfortable holding safe space.

We’ll provide a template, resources, relevant, progressive study materials and ideas… everything you need to begin enjoying genuine community with your small group!  And ongoing support through retreats, coaching, peer support and training opportunities.